Ismaili Beliefs: Doctrines of Ismailism

On February 21, 2014, Khalil Andani (Doctor of Philosophy of Candidate in Islamic Studies, Harvard University) delivered a lecture called “Shi’i Isma’ili Muslims: An Esoteric Tradition in Islam.” In this 20 minute video excerpt, Khalil explains the fundamental beliefs of the Ismaili Muslims as they evolved from the death of Prophet Muhammad. After giving an overview of the Imamat history and the role of the Imam, he discusses the major theological and spiritual doctrines of the Ismailis: Tawhid, Cosmology, and Spirituality.


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Khalil Andani is a doctoral (Ph.D) candidate and a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (2014-2015) specializing in Islamic intellectual history, theology, philosophy, and mysticism at Harvard University and holds a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS 2014), specializing in Islamic philosophy and Ismaili thought, from Harvard University.


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