“Time to stand, serve and fight for a better Afghanistan” – Interview with civil society activist, Abdul Ghafar Nazari

About the interviewer: Friba Samim is a student at the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. After graduating from Star Educational Society, she taught English at a private school and for the Afghan Landmine Survivors Organization. In 2012, she became a counselor for the American Council’s Youth Solidarity and English Language (YSEL) program in India.

Dear Abdul Ghafar Nazari, please share your successful life journey with the readers.

“Time to stand, serve and fight” - Interview with civil society activist, Abdul Ghafar NazariMy name is Abdul Ghafar Nazari. I am working as Manager Training and Development HR at Roshan Telecommunication Development Company. I have an enriching experience of over eight years. I have worked with leading organizations and have held various positions such as: Lead Trainer at Aga Khan Foundation NGO; Senior Training Officer at Afghanistan Rural Microcredit Program/AKDN Banking; and Training Coordinator at Roshan Telecommunication. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the Law and Political Sciences Faculty of Kabul University, and I graduated from Islam Qalah High School.

I am a volunteer at the Aga Khan National Council. Beside I am an alumnus of the Youth Exchange and Study program, a former participant in Tech Forum Central Asia 2012 and Young Leaders Forum 2014, led by Fredrich Ebert Stiftung. I have attended several conferences and trainings in USA, Germany, Kazakhstan, UAE Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan. Each conference I attended and other opportunities I enjoyed helped me to give back to Afghanistan either through advocacy or sharing a new experience in the country. As a social activist, I have conducted more than 100 workshops for different groups of society.

Click here to read more of this interview at the source: http://star.edu.af/time-to-stand-serve-and-fight/



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