Diversity + Conflict = Maximimum Growth | Sabrina Lakhani: The INSEAD MBA Experience

It’s Sunday night and nearly 2am. I have class in 6 hours, but I have an urge to sit here in silence and write.

It feels like a month has gone by. Flipping through my notes from a week ago compels me to check the date again. Yep, it’s only been a week. I don’t know how I learned so much in such few days. And yet, the most profound learning is quite simple:

Conflict is the sign of life.

Conflict can be internal or interpersonal. Conflict means there are two or more differing perspectives, preferences, and possibilities. And by the way, the two or more forces that create conflict also give rise to all the beautiful diversity we see in the world.

Read more at the source: Diversity + Conflict = Maximimum Growth | The INSEAD MBA Experience

Sabrina is a Chicago native who moved to Boston to attend Babson College in 2005. Since then, she has lived all over the world. She’s a brand architect with a deep focus in behavioral sciences and communication, a voracious reader, and a globetrotter. Her interests include psychology, sacred geometry, photography, and Sufi poetry.

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