“ALLAH” (Hamd) by Kamal Haji & the Houston Southwest Ismaili Band

On the auspicious occasion of Navroz Mubarak, Kamal Haji and the Houston Southwest Ismaili Band present, “ALLAH”, a Hamd, which is a devotional poem in praise of God Almighty.

Original Music, Lyrics & Arrangement: Kamal Haji

Performers: Kamal Haji, Fazeelat Ali, Saif Sattani, Shama Tajani & Alam Panjwani

Allah Tu Hazir, Allah Tu Maujood,
Har Shay Mein Tu Hi Basa,
Har Su Hi Tera Wajood,
Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah
Awwal Bhi Tu, Aakhir Bhi Tu
Zahir Bhi Tu, Batin Bhi Tu,
Masjid Bhi Tu, Mandir Bhi Tu, Allah Tu Hazir…
Rahim Tu, Rahman Tu,
Maalik-e-Do Jahaan Tu
Nihaa(n) Bhi Tu, Ayaa(n) Bhi Tu, Allah Tu Hazir…
Karim Tu, Husn-o-Jamal Tu,
Qadir Bhi Tu, Zul Jalal Tu,
Khaliq O Hafiz-e-Kamal Tu, Allah Tu Hazir…
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/kamal.haji.3
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/kamalhaji
Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/hajik123h
Email: kamalhajimusic@gmail.com

Audio & Lyrical Video Production: USA & Canada





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One thought

  1. Wonderful song, music, tune and voice, in praise of ALLAH. Congratulations and keep up your practice, a gift
    from ALLAH and soar high in your music passion and others too.


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