Saad Abdullah, 13, Published Poet & Author

Saad is 13 years old and lives in Calgary, Canada. He is currently in grade 8 in Foundations for the Future Charter Academy. With the guidance from his teacher, Saad and his classmates wrote for North-American wide competition. Saad’s poem and a short story were selected, honouring his school. The poem will be published in an anthology and the story will be published in a book. A copy of both books will be kept and preserved in the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) located in Ottawa.

Saad Abdullah, 13, Published Poet & AuthorPolar Expressions Publishing is a national publishing company that accepts student written pieces (poems and short stories) from all over Canada. This program encourages students to share their talent with the Canadian public through written pieces. In the 2016/2017 school year, students from FFCA NMS got the chance to compete in this exciting competition. Two classes (8M and 8B) were invited to submit their most original and creative pieces. Out of the 50 students who participated, 23 of them got the chance to see how it feels to be a published author. The prize for accomplishing this outstanding feat was just the simple fact of getting published. Another honour will be getting our literature read by our peers in schools across Canada and our work will even become part of the national collection at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa for preservation in Canada’s documentary history! Polar Expressions Publishing was the perfect opportunity for us to display our literature and bring out our inner writer! Written By: Saad A (Gr. 8 Student NMS)

My Love for Butterscotch! By:Saad A.

As I walked down the street,

The moon shining so bright,

I listened to a beat,

It was just right,

In the background,

There was an unusual howl,

It was a very awkward sound,

It ended up to be an owl,

I stared into the crowded woods,

Wondering if I should go near,

If I did I would receive many goods,

I would if I didn’t fear,

I glared at my wristwatch,

Remembering that I had to be home by nine,

My mom was making butterscotch,

I knew it will be top-notch!!

I dashed home,

Hoping for a creamy delight,

But all I found was a white pile of foam!

None of this was alright!

I thought I would have to make do with this,

I sat there with a spoon in my hand,

My mom came in and gave me a kiss,

The foam was too bland!!!


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