Farhad & Aroosa Hakim Ally: Pakistan association marks national day in Dubai with a message of giving

Ismaili brother & sister from the Hakim Ally family, the famous family who have produced great multi-generational photographers and are now based in Pakistan, UAE & the USA.

Source: Khaleej Times by Saman Haziq

A number of resolutions were made and presented with the message of peace, progress and happiness at the Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD) this Saturday as the community marked their 77th Resolution Day. The event was part of the week-long celebrations by the Pakistani community to commemorate the special day in the history of Pakistan – March 23, 1940.

Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi, Minister of State for Tolerance, was the chief guest for the occasion.

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Pakistan’s north is heaven on earth

The country has some of the best picturesque sceneries in the world

Source: Khaleej Times by Aroosa Ally

Pakistan's north is heaven on earth“My name is Aroosa Ally and I am a proud Pakistani living in the USA. I was born in Pakistan amongst the various tales that people were eager to learn about. My love for the country began at a young age, however my childhood led me to Dubai, where I was brought up and surrounded by the flashing lights and the cutting images captured by such artist who let me to my passion for photography. My journey later led me to the USA where I learned about the various misconceptions and negative connotation of Pakistan in the eyes of the western world. Society only knew of the facts that were given to them through various social media outlets but no one knew the true beauty and innocence behind such a precious country. I was determined to show the world the exquisiteness behind the things society viewed as ordinary and small. Through my eye for detail and my focus on the natural scene, I have brought to life the trivial phenomena of the ordinary and unknown. I was determined to allow the outside world to see the true reality and the purity of the cities full of treasures and selflessness. I want to portray the untold stories. I want to tell the tale of that which is a mystery and unknown. My efforts to portray such a message are shown throughout the photos, as I present photography of the delicate scenery as well as the culture and civilization, which makes Hunza a town of unconditional beauty and affection.

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Exhibition of Aroosa and Farhad’s ‘Being the Change journey’ was held in collaboration with Pakistan Association Dubai, on the occasion of the Pakistan day, inaugurated by HE Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Minister of State of Tolerance with Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Pakistan Ambassador to UAE. The exhibition was named “Beauty of Pakistan”. Farhad is in green shirt in the picture.



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