Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla appointed to the Advisory Executive Council of Women Economic Forum (WEF)

Jenny Gulamani-Abdulla to present at Top 100 Breakfast: Timeless LeadershipJenny Gulamani-Abdulla, Founder of Gulamani-Abdulla & Co., Immigration Consulting, has been appointed to the Advisory Executive Council of Women Economic Forum (WEF), New Delhi, 2017. WEF is a global conference to foster empowering conversations and connections among women committed to foster constructive change. The overall focus for WEF 2017 this May is “Creating, Innovating, Understanding and Driving the Future.” With over two decades of experience in the area of immigration, Jenny has been invited to lead Theme #14: Understanding the Century of Migration and Mobility. The topic of migration has become a vital issue in politics, however, according to Jenny, our definitions of citizenship do not meet the challenges of migration. These challenges will not disappear as poverty, violence, and war force people to relocate. As President of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW Canada), Jenny also serves on the legislation committee of BPW International which is comprised of 35,000 members globally and holds Consultative One Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In New Delhi, Jenny will be joined by her BPW Colleagues from France, Australia, Germany, Turkey and others who are also renowned speakers on topics such as empowerment of women through online business incubation, fair leadership, and supply chain management.

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Gulamani-Abdulla & Co., Immigration Consulting


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