Tanzania: The Aga Khan Hospital Opens Its Doors in Mbagala

Tanzania: The Aga Khan Hospital Opens Its Doors in Mbagala

Source: Daily News Tanzania via All Africa. By Jimmy Lwangili

The Aga Khan Health Services Tanzania yesterday launched a new dispensary at Mbagala Zakhiem in Temeke municipality in Dar es Salaam region in a move to improve provision of quality health care services to the community.

Speaking during the launching event, Aga Khan Health Service, East Africa, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Sulaiman Shahabuddin said their goal is to invest in the health sector at various areas in a bid to support the government in improving the health service sector in Tanzania and build a nation of healthy people.

At the same occasion, the Acting District Medical Officer (DMO) in Temeke, Martha Macha, said the government will cooperate with the institution to make sure the health service in the country is improving.

Read more. Dated 07 APRIL 2017


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  1. Keep it up. AKDN should consider a global advisory to firm to create enabling capacity in SMEs. and family owned businesses. With many FOB partriachs baby boomers, there’s is an urgent need for creating a exchange for transition advisory. Can be a not for profit organization too.


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