Ismaili Potpourri: Most Interesting and Informative Videos for Ismailis

The Best of YouTube, by Sahil Badruddin

As we approach the Diamond Jubilee, here is a collection of the most interesting, accessible, and informative videos for the Jamat’s enjoyment.

The collection will be released over time, with a new playlist of about 7 videos every few months leading up to and into the Diamond Jubilee. The link to the first installment is below.

The Best of YouTube, by Sahil BadruddinThe entire collection features well-recognized scholars such as Aziz Esmail, Ali Asani, Daryoush M. Poor, Hussein Rashid, Shafique Virani, Karim H Karim, Khalil Andani, Shiraz Hajiani, Eboo Patel, Reza Shah-Kazemi, etc., and documentaries from TheIsmaili, Harvard University, and other official media outlets.

Each video has been carefully chosen for both its depth, compelling presentation delivery, and to avoid repetitive content. The collection presents a diversity of opinions and a wide variety of subject matter including Imamate documentaries, history, philosophy, theology, arts, architecture, etc.

Sahil Badruddin is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with majors in Chemical Engineering, Religious Studies (focus in Islamic and Ismaili Studies), and History. In 2016, he had a paper titled “Persecution and Violence: The Shia Nizari Isma’ilis in the Middle Ages” accepted and honored at the Undergraduate Awards, the world’s largest and distinguished international undergraduate academic awards programme. Sahil has also helped organize speaking events for top-tier intelligentsias: Mohamed Keshavjee – University of Texas at Austin, Shafique Virani – Yale University, Reza Aslan – University of Madison-Wisconsin, etc.


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