Tabreek Somani recalls her learning experience of MS/EAMUN Internal Conference 2016 at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa

Tabreek Somani recalls her learning experience of MS/EAMUN Internal Conference 2016 at the Aga Khan Academy MombasaAs I continued traveling, exploring, and adding more countries to the list of places I have been to. I reflected on my life as a global citizen and how well I have been able to fulfill my role. As I recalled my past leadership involvements as a global citizen, one that stood out majorly was my EAMUN (East African Model United Nations) Internal Conference at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. This consisted of participants from the MSMUN (Middle School Model United Nations) and EAMUN clubs at my school and allowed us to be exposed to variety of perspectives from the diverse group of students present.

This conference happened to be my third internal conference, and my second year as an ambassador of my delegation. This conference intrigued me because my brother was also a participant representing South Sudan. The conference this year was of great interest to me firstly due to recent political changes in the world caused by the US elections. Furthermore this conference consisted of a lot of delegations that were in conflict with each other which further strengthened the fruitful debates. I had the opportunity to represent Iran during this conference and having Russia was a unique change in my outlook. Extended debate was also called for our resolution and many affected countries spoke for and against it. After the closing statement, the voting procedures resulted in my resolution passing.

I feel that MUN is a great platform for everyone to think as leaders. Considering that the academy aims to develop leaders, thinkers, inquirers, and risk-takers, MUN is one great way to bring out such qualities in the students. In MUN, you aren’t always expressing your own views but instead looking at world issues from a lens, through the eyes of your designated country. Despite that, it is very important to consider the fact that some global issues need to be solved in unity whether you are allies or not, because that is just simply looking at ethics. Many of the resolutions were regarding the human rights of refugees, immigrants, and citizens within countries in Europe and the Middle East. There were some resolutions that suggested solutions to large terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. These showed that changes can be brought, all you need is governments willing to translate political will into action and commitment.

MUN gave me a chance to improve my public speaking skills, as it gave me forum to talk at. It also taught me how to debate using diplomatic language. MUN is the place where all countries are treated in an equal and just manner, hence teaches how fair the world needs to be. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed learning about the conflicts in the Middle East, as well as suggesting solutions to solve them.


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