Azim Keshavjee: Comfortably Numb | Ottawa Life Magazine

Azim Keshavjee: Comfortably Numb | Ottawa Life MagazineSource: Ottawa Life Magazine by Andre Gagne

“Hello, is there anybody in there?” has been a question Azim Keshavjee and Comfortably Numb have been asking for over 25 years and it’s one that, like the band they admire, never gets old.

As Canada’s Pink Floyd Show (though based right here in Ottawa), Comfortably Numb is more than just a tribute show. It’s an epic 3 hour multimedia concert shaped and crafted over two decades and, though they pride themselves on not being a clone of the original, one of their shows may be as close to an all out Floyd reunion fans are going to get.

Brit-born and Canada-raised multi-instrumentalist, Keshavjee had his life changed at a young age in a single moment back in the late 60s. Seeing Jimi Hendrix play for the first time will do that to you. The legendary guitar God inspired him to become a perfectionist in his own craft, one he wasn’t going to let rest inside only a single instrument. Along with the guitar, he plays the mandolin, sitar, tabla, piano/keyboards, drums, and bass. He’s interest in all facets of music plays into Comfortably Numb as well as hit other band The AK Project. His shows are a wild fusion of jazz, flamenco and prog-rock.

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