How do you manage content from Ismailimail?

We passionately share information, news, stories, articles, interviews, and much more, via Ismailimail on daily basis.

We also know there is a general “information overload” concern on the Internet.

Converting information into a substantive knowledge, is the responsibility of all of us individually.

How do you manage content from Ismailimail?We take a short break here from our regular transmission, to ask you – the audience – how effectively are you managing the information in this day and age of social media?

Ismailimail started back in the pre-social media days. We certainly understand, that in this day and age, it is overwhelming to monitor and maintain information on daily basis (identifying fact/rumors from fiction/truth, is not an easy task).  On any given day, we actively maintain and monitor information in such a way, so that you would not feel overwhelmed by it.

The hosting platform of Ismailimail (which is provides some nice features and tools to empower you in maintaining information.  We prefer that you subscribe Ismailimail via email newsletter. Although there are people who prefer to get their information via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and various mobile platforms; we would want you to receive Ismailimail via the old fashioned and trusted way of receiving email in your inbox.

When you opt to receive email from Ismailimail, the platform provides you with the following choices (you have to decide what works best for you – we are biased towards option 1):

  1. INSTANT NOTIFICATION: Suitable for those, who like us, would want to see information right away. This is default when you sign up, so no need to change anything.
    1. This option will immediately deliver email to your inbox whenever we publish a new story.
    2. We publish regular stories during the morning hours in North America. The exceptions are the breaking stories which can occur any time of the day or night. Since we are biased towards each and every story we publish at Ismailimail; Instant Notification is our favorite, and recommended option for you.
  2. One Summary Email Per DAY: Suitable for those who are extremely busy and are without Internet during the day, and can wait to receive information at later time.
    1. This option will deliver One email per 24 hour period, containing all the published stories of the day.
    2. Ismailimail usually publish 6 to 9 stories on average every day. Selecting this subscription option will let you see all of them via one email. The drawback is, that unlike instant notification of option 1 mentioned above, the one-summary email option,  will make you wait to see your information from Ismailimail. However, you have a flexibility in choosing your time-slot. You may opt for this option if you are busy during the day, and prefer to read your information at later and convenient time.
  3. One Summary Email Per WEEK: Suitable for those who rarely care for the content.
    1. This option will collect all the published stories from a week in a single email.  This is our least favorite option, and may not be suitable for your subscription from Ismailimail as we publish 35-40+ stories in a week.

No matter which option you choose to subscribe – Email, Facebook, Twitter, or mobile – it is ultimately up to each one of us to maintain quality consumption of information. We know we aspire to do our best in delivering the very best, all based on the available technology at hand. And we hope that you do your best as well in maintaining the quality of the consumption of information from across the Internet.

Keep your default subscription if you’re happy with it. If you wish to make changes to your subscription, look for “Manage Subscription” link at the bottom of the last email you received from Ismailimail. And don’t forget to ask your friends and family to subscribe to Ismailimail. We are the only independent platform which delivers new content on daily basis.

For questions, send us a personal note at:

** If for some reasons you’re still on our very old email platform (called Feedburner) we recommend you migrate to WordPress at your earliest convenience.

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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