Shelina Adatia, Asif-Aly Penwala present on “Living in a Global World” at Concordia University, Montreal

Living in a Global World: What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Shelina Adatia, Asif-Aly Penwala present on "Living in a Global World" at Concordia University, MontrealTo name one’s self a global citizen often implies an identification with the world as a whole above and beyond a particular cultural identity or national affinity. It is an ambitious, pluralistic notion grounded in experience, diversity, and the need for recognition across cultural divides. One may wonder to what extent is global citizenship truly achievable given its complexity and the sorts of dispositions, values and skills required to uphold the concept? Are there best practices in moving towards global citizenship? How might cross-cultural dialog help lessen our individual dependency on materialism and consumerism? Are there drawbacks of global citizenry in relation to networks of political or economic power (e.g. in distinguishing between globalization and becoming global citizens)? In this conversation, we will consider the pluralistic nature of global citizenship and how we can situate ourselves in relation to it. We will also consider the role of popular education institutions such as schools, museums, libraries and art galleries and the extent to which they can promote dialog and a joint appreciation of our social and natural commons.


Shelina Adatia specializes in teaching French as a Second Language and in Muslim Societies and Civilisations. In 2012, she completed a double Masters program at the Institute of Ismaili Studies and the Institute of Education, University of London where she obtained her Masters of Arts in Education and her Masters of Teaching. Currently, she works as a Religious Educator focusing on Muslim literature and history.

Asif-Aly Penwala is a Ugandan, Indian, Shia Ismaili Muslim born in Canada with family in five continents. After pursuing a double Masters in Education at the IOE London, he now learns from students and teachers in North America, France, Portugal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, the UK, Kenya and Madagascar building a curiosity for global citizenship as a way of being.


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