Launch of a new Global Online Civil Society Knowledge Forum (GO-CSKF)

Launch of a new Global On-line Civil Society Knowledge Forum

Launch of a new Global Online Civil Society Knowledge Forum (GO-CSKF)A new forum of Ismaili knowledge-seekers has recently been launched with hopes of outstanding speakers highlighting each on-line event every quarter. The inauguration of the Forum has been made possible by advances and availability in recent computer technology making such on-line sessions possible at low to no cost.

A speaker on a computer node at his home anywhere in the world addresses a group of participants on up to 50 smart nodes (computer/tablet/smart-phone) across the world with a PowerPoint presentation, as a technical host with appropriate IT expertise facilitates the Forum, from another node at his home anywhere in the world. The Speaker concentrates on his subject and presentation while the Technical Host does all the technical facilitation. The presentation is recorded as an A-V file, which is later edited and released as a YouTube for the world to see. For the service described, the cost of the technical program of a Forum is literally zero, if the speaker and the technical host are volunteers.

The Forum is the brainchild of Arif Ali in Chicago, and is called the Civil Society Knowledge Forum (CSKF). Arif is the volunteer Technical Host of CSKF (he is also a co-blogger at Ismailimail). While the Forum has been launched with all Ismailis initially, it intends to open up in the future to other knowledge-seekers also. The type of knowledge to be pursued has also not been restricted by any a priori boundaries.

A trial forum was held in January with Dr. Kurban Madhani of Vancouver as the Speaker on the subject of History and Civilization of the Central Asian Ismaili Jamat. There were about 25 on-line participants for it, and a YouTube was produced. After that successful trial run, the first official session was launched at 3:00 pm (CST-USA) on Sunday, March 12, with Arif hosting Speaker Dr. Noor Gillani from Huntsville AL in the USA, speaking on the subject of Islamic Humanism, to 50 nodes in from the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and E. Africa. Noor spoke for about 1h 15 minutes, with a short break in between.

The presentation was very enthusiastically and uniformly reviewed by those present in the live session.


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Author: Arif Ali

Arif lives miles away from the crowded city of Chicago. He has interest in technology, spirituality, religion, psychology and community. Find him somewhat engaged on Twitter.

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