World Partnership Walk reflects the best of Canadian values

Source: Georgia Straight Vancouver – By Editor Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight

World Partnership Walk reflects the best of Canadian values

Nowadays, the best known Ismaili in Canada might be the incredibly popular Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi, but there is no shortage of high achievers in the community.

Some politicians are focusing a great deal of attention on “Canadian values”, particularly as they pertain to immigration.

There’s an almost hysterical fear that if Canada permits people to move here who don’t share these “values”, which are rarely defined, then somehow the country will go down the drain.

The foremost purveyor of this idea in national politics has been former Conservative cabinet minister Kellie Leitch. She received a blizzard of free publicity from the media in her campaign to lead her party.

Yet after nine ballots, Leitch was only able to muster 7.95 percent support in the contest to become leader of the Official Opposition. Only 7.95 percent from Conservatives!

It shows the disconnect between what we sometimes read in the media and what people actually care about in their communities.

If people are keen to learn about Canadian values, all they need to do is look at the World Partnership Walk, which took place in Stanley Park today.

Read more – Dated: May 28th, 2017


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  1. I very strongly agree to the 2nd para above where immigrants come to Canada and don’t share it’s values, which i have personally known so many who have been here for years and don’t even know or speak English, keep to their own communities, etcc it is imperative to know what kind of immigrants should be allowed to come here and also over the past few years so many immigrants come to Vancouver mostly due to the weather, but the Government does not increase hospitals, more much needed doctors, specialists in different fields, build more hospitals and more. Today the medical system has depleted so low and the state of some hospitals are in pathetic conditions, waiting time to see a specialist is too long and in the meantime patients suffer in silence and wait and get even sicker. I think this is a very fundamental issue to be looked at and done something about.


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