Aga Khan Museum Tour with University of Alberta Alumni Assn President Ayaz Bhanji sells out

Aga Khan Museum Tour with University of Alberta Alumni Assn President Ayaz Bhanji sells out

Ayaz Banji
Ayaz Bhanji is a fiercely proud alumnus and counts his years at the University of Alberta as the best of his life. After graduation, he worked as a pharmacist, switching gears in 2000 to real estate. Ayaz now owns the largest Re/Max real estate office in Edmonton, employing more than 140 associates and staff..

He is passionate about volunteering and community leadership. As past-president of His Highness Prince Aga Khan Ismaili Council for Edmonton for six years, Ayaz led an active community of volunteers. He serves with the Children’s Miracle Network and Realtors Community Foundation. As former co-chair of a joint liaison committee between the Ismaili Council and the University of Alberta, Ayaz strengthened the relationship between the Ismaili community in Edmonton and his alma mater..

Dr. Lee Foote
Dr. Lee Foote is a conservation ecologist who studied wetland plants, wildlife management, forestry and policy throughout his career at the University of Alberta and formerly, as a 10-year employee of the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He and his students have worked on organisms from polar bears to Kalahari desert antelope; endangered plants to oil sands reclamation; and policies from the Alberta Wetland Policy to Yukon gold mining procedures. For the last six years he has served as director of the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, a 101 hectare facility hosting 22 distinct gardens, 80,000 visitors per year and active university research and education programs. Dr. Foote and his staff are inspired by a gift from His Highness the Aga Khan, a spectacular new feature garden. Now under construction, the 4.8 hectare garden will open in 2018.

Source: SOLD OUT: Toronto: Aga Khan Museum Tour and Lunch with Ayaz Bhanji – AlumniEvents – Alumni and Friends


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