World Renowned Pakistani-American Cardiologist Shahbuddin Rahimtoola honored at World Congress of the International Academy of Cardiology

World Renowned Cardiologist Shahbuddin Rahimtoola honored at World Congress of the International Academy of CardiologyProfessor Shahbuddin Rahimtoola was presented with the Distinguished Fellowship Award at the 21st World Congress of the International Academy of Cardiology held at Boston (July 30, 2016). Founder and Chairman of the IAC Dr. Asher Kimchi, together with Co-Chairmen Dr. Jeffrey S. Borer and Dr. John A. Elefteriades, headed a committee comprised of 225 of the world’s leading cardiologists and scientists that reviewed a prestigious list of nominees and voted for their top choice.

The other two recipients of the award on the occasion were Charles H. Hennekens [Sir Richard Doll Professor, Florida Atlantic University] and Nanette K. Wenger [Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) Emeritus, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta].

Dr Rahimtoola currently serves as Distinguished Professor at University of Southern California and is the Griffith Professor of Cardiology.

Shahbuddin Rahimtoola’s specialties include cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease and coronary artery disease. His research interests include pharmacological treatment of valvular and coronary artery diseases, valvular and coronary artery surgery and hibernating myocardium.

He has had over 497 scientific articles published and has made over 1200 presentations within the United States and internationally. He has edited 11 textbooks.

Professor Rahimtoola has been recipient of several awards through his career including the Distinguished Alumnus from Mayo Foundation, European Society of Cardiology Gold Medal, Master of the American College of Cardiology, Sheikh Hamdan Recognition Award, Doctorate of Science, Gifted Teacher from the American College of Cardiology, Distinguished Scientist to name a few. He was recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American College of Cardiology in 2013 – being only the fifth person at the time to do so. He has been credited for his contributions to two clinical syndromes namely the hibernating myocardium and prosthetic valve mismatch.

Dr Rahimtoola had served on Health Board [Aga Khan Foundation] United States for several years. He received Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in the Healthcare Profession in 1987 by His Highness Prince Aga Khan Health Department.

Shahbuddin Rahimtoola was a graduate of the Dow Medical College Karachi in 1954 – he then pursued his career in the United Kingdom initially followed by United States from 1963 onward.

He remained Co-Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Unit at Mayo Clinic, followed by Chief of Cardiology at Cook County Hospital Illinois. In 1980 he shifted to California as Chief, Division of Cardiology University of Southern California.

It must be mentioned here that Dr Shahbuddin Rahimtoola’s younger brother Professor Shamsuddin Rahimtoola was a well known Pakistani Physician and remained Principal of Dow Medical and Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital Karachi. The digital library at the college was recently named after him.


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