Gulmit Premier League’s Soccer Tournament, Gojal, Gulmit, Hunza

Gulmit Premier League – organised by Gulmit Young Star Club and students welfare organisation under the technical support of Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board – is a well-organized soccer tournament that takes place in upper Hunza Gojal Gulmit every year.

The soccer league completed its 5th season this year.

The league aims to provide a platform to the talented players to unveil their skills. The main objective of the soccer league is to keep youths engaged in healthy and positive activity and refrain from unethical/unhealthy activities in the society.

Gulmit Premier League has become the most popular soccer tournament in Hunza as well as at national level.

The final of Gulmit Premier League was played in Gulmit Gojal Upper Hunza between Mountain Boys Gulmit FC and Harzand FC Gulmit. Mountain Boys Gulmit FC crowned as Champions of Gulmit Premier League Season 5 by beating Harzand FC Gulmit by 2-0. Mohsin Sakhi (MBG) was declared as Man of the Match; Wasim Sajjad of Harzand FC Gulmit as Man of the Series; Atti ur Rehman Top scorer; Imran Karim as emerging youngest player of the league, while Adnan Rasool and Inayat Rozdar as best Goal keepers.

The tournament gave a positive message of youth’s role in peace building in Pakistan and gave a platform for the emerging players to hunt their skills in the field of football.


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