Isma'ilism In Gināns

Isma’ilism In Gināns

A conspicuous feature in the intellectual history of Nezāri Ismaʿili Shiʿism has been the fundamental impulse to translate the concept of the Imam, which is the central aspect of their faith, within the frameworks of the various philosophical and theological systems it encountered as the movement spread geographically. As a result, Ismaʿili religious texts are…

Local Project team L-R Karim Andani, Massuma Jessani, Shamim Kooverjee, Salma Ladha, Navine Jafferali, Pyarali Jiwa (Chairmen ASG), Islamshah Rahemtulla (Board member and Treasuer), Nadia Valliani (Project Leader)

Photographs from the Ginan seminar hosted by the Association for the Study of Ginans

On 30th November 2014, the Association for the Study of Ginans, led by Chairman Pyarali Jiwa, hosted a seminar at Manchester with resounding success. Participants came from Eastbourne & Hastings, Birmingham, Bolton, Burnley, Leicester, Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, and members of the Board from London. The programme consisted of speakers on Ginans: Anis Attenborough, Karim Andani,…

Jamil Assani in Vancouver: Aaj Raaj Mubarak

Jamil Assani in Vancouver: Aaj Raaj Mubarak

Ginan in Raag Mishra Tilak Kamod, which is usually sung in the evening Jamil Assani plays harmonium and sings in his own style. Jamil learned harmonium and singing from well known music director Ustad Karim Shabuddin in Karachi, Pakistan. Later he joined Nizar Lalani’s orchestra. He has performed on Pakistani television and radio. Jamil currently…

Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah. Pirana, Gujarat | Hussein Charania Photos

Hussein Charania Photos | Spotlight on Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah – Pirana, Gujarat, India

Over the past few years, Hussein has been fortunate to travel to many countries to volunteer and/or visit projects of Ismaili Imamat (including in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, East Africa, and others). Ismailimail is delighted to share from his collection, this photograph of the Mausoleum of Saiyad Imamshah in Pirana, Gujarat. Saiyad Imamshah was an author of…

Rays of Light Geet & Ginan Mehfil – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Rays of Light Geet & Ginan Mehfil – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A Geet/Ginan Mehfil was held during Rays of Light exhibition in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Following is a Playlist of some excellent Ismaili/Sufi Geets & Ginans presented by various artists. Singers: Bhavna Kassam – Alnoor Nurani – Karima Merchant – Dolly Valji – Munira Rahemtulla – Karim Pirbhai – Salim Ramji – Munira Rahemtulla –…

Anshuman Pandey: Gujarati Orthography for the Transliteration of Arabic

Anshuman Pandey: Gujarati Orthography for the Transliteration of Arabic

Khoja communities such as the Ithnashari (“Twelver Shia”) and Agakhani use a convention for transliterating Arabic into the Gujarati script. It consists of adding diacritics to Gujarati letters which most closely approximate the Arabic sound being represented. Some of these diacritics are shown in the below excerpt of a printed version of the Quran in…

Navroz Na Deen

Navroz Na Deen

Amin Mawani specializes in ghazals, geets, garbas & ginans. He was entranced by the melodious sound on North Indian classical music in his childhood years and trained under the tutelage of Kalapana Bharat in the Kirana gharana music tradition and acquired ghazal training under Vithal Rao of Hyderabad, India. Amin resides in Toronto, Canada.


Ginan: Uncha Re – Soul’s yearning for the Vision/Deedar

Ginan Uncha Re Kot Bahu Vechana by Pir Hasan Kabiru’d-Deen We are presenting four different renditions from various parts of the world. Click on the play button to listen. Below you will also find link to this Ginan on GIST Database as well as English interpretation at Simerg’s Literary Readings section. Taufiq Karmali ITREB UK

A Graphite Font for Khojki

A Graphite Font for Khojki

As mentioned in “The Imminent Paradox of New Scripts in Unicode”, I have begun to develop Graphite fonts for several of the historical and minor scripts that I have proposed for inclusion in the Unicode Standard. The first of these fonts is for Khojki, which I proposed for encoding in Unicode a few years ago…

Ismaili Munajat Ya Ali Khuba Mijalas: Translation and Explanation by Sadrudin K. Hassam

“In Ismaili poetical literature comprising of Ginans and Qasidas, some of the most profound philosophical thoughts and sublime mystical insights are very tersely and beautifully expressed in verses. Moreover, this poetic literature effectively emphasizes the renewal and strengthening of the spiritual relationship between each murid (follower) in the community and Kamil Murshid (The Perfect Guide), Hazar Imam (The Living…

New Website: Ginān Index & Search Tool (GIST)

The purpose of GIST is to facilitate access to the ginanic literature in the digital age. With GIST, researchers will now be able to access catalog records, table of contents, digitized manuscripts to help locate and access potential witnesses for editing ginanic literature. GIST is part of a technology research project funded by the University…


Sufi Music Panel, with Dr Karim Gillani

Karim Gillani will be performing profound Ismaili Muslim heritage ginans along side with other Sufi music from South Asia as an expression of “Music and Spirituality in Islam”. This performance and discussion festival will look at two sufi or sufi-inspired sects: the mourides and the ismailis to understand how music and poetry preserved and propagated…