Indian influence in new exhibit at Aga Khan Museum - British painter Howard Hodgkin's work at display

Indian influence in new exhibit at Aga Khan Museum – British painter Howard Hodgkin’s work at display

Artwork collected by and created by British painter Howard Hodgkin North York Mirror By Clark Kim Two new exhibitions, distinct but connected by one man’s passion for India, open to the public starting Saturday, Feb. 21 at the Aga Khan Museum. One of the exhibitions called the Visions of Mughal India: The Collection of Howard…

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Aga Khan Museum Launches Free Wednesdays

“Free Wednesdays at Aga Khan Museum” Launches Special invitation to be extended to local communities Toronto, February 18, 2015 – The new initiative “Free Wednesdays at Aga Khan Museum” launches today, February 18, welcoming the public to visit the Aga Khan Museum and all exhibitions for free each Wednesday from 4 – 8 pm. In…

Dioscorides De Materia Medica

Aga Khan Museum’s collection includes an Arabic folio of the famous De Materia Medica

The medicine of medieval Islamic civilization was built primarily on Greek medicine, particularly the writing of Hippocrates (460-375 BC), a physician who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine, and Galen (130 AD-200 AD), a prominent physician, surgeon and philosopher. Greek knowledge was a trampoline for the vigorous scientific…

AgaKhanMuseum_feb13-14_Showcase Performance - Wu Man and Sanubar Tursun Ensemble

Event – February 13-14 | Aga Khan Museum – Showcase Performance: Wu Man and Sanubar Tursun Ensemble

In partnership with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, Aga Khan Museum presents  two exceptional Showcase Performances that explore cultural links between Chinese and Central Asian traditions. Pipa virtuoso Wu Man and celebrated singer Sanubar Tursun combine their talents for this much anticpated performance. EVENT: Showcase Performance: Wu Man and Sanubar Tursun Ensemble DATE & Time: Friday,…

AKM Into the Vault - A Day in the Life of the Collection with Stephanie Allen

Event – February 11 | Aga Khan Museum – Into the Vault: A Day in the Life of the Collection with Stephanie Allen

Moving the Aga Khan Museum Collection from various locations in Europe into its permanent home at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto was a monumental task. Join us on a virtual journey into the process of conservation, shipping, handling, and installation – and have a virtual glimpse inside our custom-built state-of-the-art storage vaults. Free with…

Structural Design Innovation: Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre receives 2014 Ontario Concrete Award

Commendation | Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre, Toronto receive 2014 Ontario Concrete Award in Structural Design Innovation

Imara (Wynford Drive) Limited, acting on behalf of the Aga Khan Development Network, appointed Carillion for pre-construction planning services and construction. The development incorporates a unique combination of contemporary design features and interpretive elements from traditional Islamic architecture. The level of quality, workmanship and materials demanded is extremely high.

Aga Khan Museum in 90 Minutes |

Aga Khan Museum in 90 Minutes |

In designing the Aga Khan Museum, which opened September 18 in Toronto, architect Fumihiko Maki was asked to reflect 13 centuries of pan-Islamic art, with an eye on building cross-cultural dialogue both within the Muslim community and, more importantly, with the world at large. No pressure. Inside his Brazilian-granite structure, light pours in from a…

The Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, is a top destination for architecture and design buffs. (Image: Examiner/Lesley Peterson)

Examiner | Aga Khan Museum puts Toronto on top travel destination lists

Toronto’s spectacular new Aga Khan Museum has made two top travel destination lists: Fast Company Design’s Top 12 Destinations for Globetrotting Design Lovers, and Azure Magazine’s Top 10 Architecture Projects 2014 Opened in September 2014, the Aga Khan Museum is the first museum in North America dedicated to the arts of Muslim civilizations. Cross-cultural exchange…

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The Lost Dhow Exhibition confirms the flourishing trade between Chinese and Muslim Empires

The Silk Route (Road) was an ancient network of routes stretching for over six thousand miles from China across Central Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. For centuries, people travelled across this route carrying with them their commodities, music, poetry, and stories, resulting in an incredible mix of Asian, Mediterranean, and European cultures.…