AKAA Exhibition “Architecture is Life” featured at EUROPALIA focus on Turkey

In the frame of EUROPALIA TURKEY, this prestigious award will present a focus on Turkish architects.”

AKAA Exhibition "Architecture is Life" featured at EUROPALIA focus on Turkey


The exhibition showcases the Aga Khan Award for Architecture through the winners and shortlisted projects of the most recent award cycle as well as 14 Turkish winners of the Award, particularly the Award’s interest in building schemes that use local resources and appropriate technology in innovative ways and that, through replication, can improve the quality of life. Because architecture has one of the greatest impacts of any human endeavor on the quality of daily life, the exhibition suggests that its impact must be carefully considered. Architecture is Life.

Established in 1977, the Aga Khan Award for Architecture is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historic preservation and landscape architecture. Projects can be anywhere in the world, but must successfully address the needs and aspirations of societies in which Muslims have a significant presence. The exhibition is part of “EUROPALIA focuses on Turkey!”.



Art connects people

EUROPALIA has been organising arts biennales, each focusing on a different guest country, since 1969. Its four-month multidisciplinary programme comprises hundreds of events throughout Belgium and in other European countries.

EUROPALIA enthrals a broad European audience not only with exhibitions, but also the performing arts, music, literature, conferences and film. It turns the spotlight not only on big names, but also on talented newcomers. Heritage plays a significant part, but the contemporary scene is also generously covered; new creations and interaction between artists from the guest country and from Europe receive particular attention.

The informative services offered to the public, with an especial accent on the young, tries to provide insights that avoid Eurocentrism. It stimulates open dialogue between cultures in an atmosphere of trust.

EUROPALIA’s festivals bring about enduring cooperation between artistic partners. The projects travel both in and beyond Europe by means of an international network.

Source: Europalia | Mission

EUROPALIA TURKEY – 06.10.2015 > 31.01.2016

As from October 2015, EUROPALIA focuses on Turkey! Turkey is often called “the cradle of civilization”. Since the earliest prehistoric times Anatolia has served as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Few other countries have known such a large number of civilizations succeed one another or exist side by side. Down the centuries this has fuelled intercultural cross-fertilization. So standing as it does at the crossroads of Asian and European cultures, Turkey is the ideal candidate for this edition.

Exceptional masterpieces from the greatest Turkish museums, the best contemporary arts have to show, traditional and contemporary dance, co-creations, from classical to electronic music, literary events, focus on film… from October 6th

Source: Europalia | Turkey

From Hittite citadels to the Ottoman court, from Cybele to the Olympian gods, from Christianity to Islam: Anatolia is a land of migrations, with civilisations and cultures succeeding one another, co-existing and blending for thousands of years. ANATOLIA. Home of Eternity highlights the remarkable continuity down the ages involving rituals and cults linked to the cosmos, nature, the divine and power, from prehistoric times to the 20th century. About 200 archaeological items, miniatures and rare and precious objects and textiles – some of which have never been shown before – reveal this unique, many-sided and fascinating face of ancient Turkey.

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